The Art of Fire Watching

Drawing upon his personal experience of working alone on a remote Fire Lookout in the Rocky Mountains of Western Canada, Steve Davison will give a fascinating insight into the day-to-day life and duties of an Alpine Lookout Observer-from forest fire detection to taking necessary action. Having recently retired and returned to Warrington, Steve has begun to document some of the unforgettable experiences of his life on the mountain-top. Through his own stunning photos and videos, he will share with us his encounters with Rocky Mountain wildlife–from ground squirrels to grizzly bears–and reveal some telling observations about the changing weather and climate conditions during his many years on the Lookout. There will also be a display and sale of some of the artwork created by Steve during his off-duty periods in the isolation of a world caught between time and space.


To reserve your place contact Pat Barlow on 07855 755859 or email her

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